Zimbabwe: 'Na W.H.O lose pass, not Mugabe'

President Robert Mugabe Image copyright JEKESAI NJIKIZANA/Getty Images
Image example People wey no happy say President Mugabe sef dey waka go oversea to collect treatment for sickness

Zimbabwe government say dem respect di decision of di World Health Organisation (WHO) to collect back di position wey dem bin give President Robert Mugabe as WHO Goodwill Ambassador for Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in Africa, but dem say na WHO be lose pass for dis thing wey dem do.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Dr Walter Mzembi tell di Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation say "we respect di WHO new decision just like we bin respect dia first decision to honour we President."

Dr Mzembi say di plenty noise on top di appointment no help di matter at all because "na WHO na im benefit well-well as dem decide to nominate President Mugabe to lead di fight against NCDs; sotay peopel don begin dey wonder wetin NDCs be, and dem dey add Mugabe name to all di talk-talk."

Non-communicable - or chronic - diseases na di kain sickness wey dey stay for body for long time, and dem dey usually dey waka slow for di body, like heart disease, diabetes - person no fit get am if e siddon near patient.

WHO people bin choose President Mugabe enter di position during one big meeting on top NCDs wey dem do for Uruguay on Wednesday.

But na today na im WHO Director-General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus change mouth, say dem no do again, after many people and even world leaders halla well-well.

Health officials and countries all over di world say dem shock, and na bad thing WHO do. One of di strongest word against Mugabe come from di United States, wey bin sanction Mugabe more than ten years ago, as dem accuse im government of human rights abuses.

Di way Dr Mzembi end im own response na say: "e dey wise for us to let di matter go, make we help WHO face dia work, while Zimbabwe go dey face dia duty as member of WHO."

Im say President Mugabe go dey interested inside work wey dey dey save lives, instead of to dey find global ambassador position up and down.

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