Egypt no gree with desert shoot-shoot tori

EGYPT Image copyright Reuters
Image example Egypt government say 11 officers, four conscripts and one sergeant na im die.

Egypt government no agree with tori wey say more than 50 policemen die for di shoot-shoot with militants for Western Desert on Friday.

Di interior ministry say only 16 policemen die when dem attack dem for dia mission for Bahariya oasis.

Egypt State Information Service (SIS) use harsh word for BBC and Reuters news agency say dem use sources wey no get name for di number of people wey die for dia story.

No group don gree say na dem do di attack wey happen for 135km for south-west area of Cairo.

But hundreds of police and soldiers don die for militants dem hand, wey get link to Islamic State (IS) since 2013, when Egypt military bin overthrow Islamist President Mohammed Morsi.

Image copyright AFP
Image example Egypt security forces die for attack for Islamist militant hideout

Di interior ministry say dem bin send policemen go Bahariya oasis to attack di "terrorist hideout."

"As soon as di first mission reach di location wey di terrorist suppose dey, dem sense di arrival of forces wey target dem, begin dey use heavy weapons from all directions," na im statement wey di ministry release on Saturday describe.

Di shoot-shoot last for hours and when e finish, na 11 officers, four conscripts and one sergeant die, then four other officers and nine conscripts dey injured, while one officer still dey miss, according to di statement.

No be only security forces suffer; 15 militants die or injure after di battle.

But security sources don dey talk something wey different.

Dem tell BBC say 53 officers and conscripts die, while Reuters say three sources say na at least 52 don die.

Meanwhile, Associated Press also report say at least 20 officers and 34 conscripts die; Agence France-Presse say those wey die reach 35.

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