Bye-bye to iPhone 7 with 256GB: Apple don phase am out

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Image example If people get plenty storage memory for dia phone, dem go fit dowload more apps, music and movies.

For time wey people dey find phone wey go get plenty memory to dey store picture, movies and other things, na im phone-maker Apple Incorporated say dem no go dey do 256GB memory inside dia iPhone 7.

Before dis announcement land, Apple bin get iPhone 7 wey get storage memory of 32GB, 128GB and 256GB.

But now, people wey wan buy iPhone 7 and 7 plus wey get plenty memory go get 128GB iPhone 7 as dia best option.

Apple don release new phone

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Na only di new iPhone 8 wey Apple release for September go get storage memory of 256GB.

Some people feel say dis one go force people wey want plenty memory to buy di new iPhone 8.

People like phone wey get plenty storage memory well-well because dat one mean say dem go fit download plenty apps, take picture wey get high quality and even save plenty music plus films join.

Google Trends dey suggest say more people fit still dey buy iPhone 7, because dem dey search for am pass iPhone 8.

Tori people say dis one fit mean say Apple dey struggle to sell dia new iPhone 8.

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