Why Zimbabwe dey get 'Minister of WhatsApp?'

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Image example Zimbabweans don dey call di cyber securty minister "Minister of Whatsapp" as joke

Na play-play na im Zimbabwe people use bring out fake letter for social media, as soon as President Robert Mugabe talk say e don organize new ministry to dey do work on top Cyber Security, Threat Detection and Mitigation.

BBC tori person Shingai Nyoka say Zimbabweans dey react di normal joke-joke way to di letter wey fake di signature and letterhead for di Cyber minister wey dem just appoint, Patrick Chinamasa.

Di letter talk say make all Whatsapp group members register for di ministry before November.

Dem come end di letter with: "By Di Cyber Powers Wey Dem Give Me."

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Image example Zimbabweans dey use dis new ministry take laugh, dem share dis joke letter

But di jokes don reduce, and Zimbabweans don dey look di matter to see wetin dis ministry go mean for their rights as human beings, mainly on top freedom of speech matter.

'Na threat to state'

Social media na something wey dey bring big worry give di government for Zimbabwe most especially after one pastor Evan Mawararire bin start di #ThisFlag movement for 2016.

Di campaign bin use Twitter and Facebook take organise protest wey tell people to stay house. Dis na di biggest protest wey don happen against di government since ten years.

President Robert Mugabe talk-talk person, George Charamba talk say di President think dis idea to handle "threat wey wan start for di country... di threat wey dem build for abuse and illegal behaviour".

Social media fit be di number one way wey people for Zimbabwe dey use dey talk and get tori. E be big platform, even though laws dey for ground wey suppose reduce di way people dey use am.

For di past 16 years, di amount of people wey dey use internet for Zimbabwe don jump from 0.3% enter 46%, according to International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

Many TV stations and online media dey work from outside di country so dem go fit escape di hand of government.

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Image example #ThisFlag protestors dey do vigil outside Harare magistrate court for July 2016 where pastor Evan Mawarire bin dey face charges say im dey try create public violence

For September, when petrol scarcity bin dey, queue bin full supermarkets as Zimbabweans bin think say soon food go scarce join.

Di government bin dey blame di whole wahala on top social media say dem dey spread fear.

Before dem appoint am, di new cyber minister, Mr Chinamasa, bin gree say na social media cause am, say dis na security matter and make government look am.

Dem say na to stop talk-talk

Zimbabwe opposition wey be Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) take am enter another level when dem say di new ministry na something wey di government wan dey use to dey spy their people and stop people to talk against di 2018 elections.

Dem leader say: "Mugabe... go do anything im fit do to control social media under im rule...but di better thing be say im government no fit stop di use for social media."

Many people for Zimbabwe don dey play-play with di news say dem create ministry for cyber minister, sotay dem dey call am "Minister of WhatsApp".

Others talk say di people wey dey use dis matter dey joke no know how cyber crime dey affect people for world.

Other just siddon dey look, dey wait di government plan for di next elections wey go happen for 2018.

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights talk say since 2010 e don help pass 100 people wey don go jail under law wey say e dey illegal to "abuse di president" or "rubbish im authority."

Dem don arrest and charge people wey call di 93-year-old Mugabe say im "old", "be donkey" or even say na am spoil di country.

Di government still say di new law no go comot freedom of expression but e go protect people against things like revenge pornography and cyber attacks dem.

Talk-talk person for President, George Charamba say Zimbabwe go look wetin other countries don do for threat of cybercrime, like Russia, China and South Korea "wey don face wahala like dis."

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