US military for Africa fit increase because of 'Islamic State'

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Image example US helicopter for Afghanistan

Di United States dey consider whether dem go increase di number of soldiers wey dem get for Africa, to fight di people wey dey call demsef Islamic State.

As things be, IS don lose Raqa, e capital for Syria, and Mosul for Iraq weeks ago. So IS dey chook eye for Africa as place wia dem fit settle down. Na wetin di number one military oga for America General Joseph Dunford don talk.

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Image example US General Joseph Dunford wan increase di number of US soldiers for Africa

From Libya go Sinai for Egypt to East Africa and West Africa, IS fit cos serious palava, dat na wetin Dunford, wey be di Chairman of di Joint Chiefs of Staff talk for press conference.

Dunford bin dey talk about di 4 October attack for Niger, wey kill four America soldiers and five Niger soldiers for di Niger-Mali border.

Dis tori na shock for many Americans wey no even know say hundreds of American soldiers dey operate for di country.

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Image example Senegal Army General Amadou Kane and US Army General Donald Bolduc dey check soldiers for Dakar military base.

For Tuesday, Dunford say im go do meeting with di heads of di military for 75 countries.

''We go talk about di kind action we wan take for di fight against IS'', im talk.

After di Middle East, na for Africa wey American military get di biggest number of special soldiers. US government say e go fit reach like 1,300 soldiers wey dey ground for Africa.

Dis special soldiers dey train soldiers of other countries on top things like counter-terrorism and ''dem go only follow dis soldiers wey dem dey train if chance go dey say dem no go fight anybody for field''.

But one big senator, Lindsey Graham, wey be member of di Senate Armed Forces for US congress don talk say dem fit change di way soldiers dey operate for counterterrorism operations mata.

Graham take style talk say American soldiers go soon get permission to shoot first at terrorists, something dem no dey do now.

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Image example Kurdish fighter of di Syrian Democratic Forces for Raqa, Syria

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