Sierra Leone don sell 'biggest diamond' to help di poor

"Peace diamond" Image copyright Reuters
Image example Dem dey also call am "Peace diamond"

Today, Sierra Leone don auction one big diamond wey dem never cut, for New York, to fit raise millions of dollars wen dem wan use for development projects.

Dis diamond wey dey among one of di largest for di world, na 709-carat e be and dey call am "Peace Diamond".

Dis go be di second time wey di government dey try to sell di "Peace Diamond", after dey don first reject di highest bid of $7.8 million for di auction wey dem do inside New York for di month of May.

Over half of di money wey Sierra Leone go get if dem sell di diamond finish, dey wan use am take do clean water, electricity, education and health projects inside di country. And particularly for di village of Koryardu, wey dey inside di Kono region for eastern Sierra Leone, where dem for discover di diamond.

Image copyright Reuters
Image example Over half of di money wen go come out after dem sell di diamond dey wan use am do project wey go benefit poor people.

Di company wey wan manage di auction na Rapaport Group and dia chairman -Martin Rapaport tell Reuters say:

"E get reason why God give these diamonds to di poorest people for di world and make di richest people want dem."

Di company describe di diamond as di 14th largest for di world.

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Image example Diamonds don first cause long civil war for Sierra Leone wey bring di name "blood diamond"

One pastor na im dig di diamond comot from ground inside Koryardu during di month of March and later give am to di government.

Diamonds don first cause long civil war for Sierra Leone wey end for 2002.

During di war rebels dey force civilians to go dig ground (mine) look for diamond, di rebels go come sell am and use di money buy weapons.

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