FESTAC 77: UNESCO wan mark di 40th anniversary

Di UNESCO building for France Image copyright Getty Images

UNESCO wan celebrate di 40th year since dem first do FESTAC 77. Dis na to increase di awareness for how dem go take preserve photo for di future generations to dey enjoy.

Also, to join UNESCO to provide money na di Centre for Black and African Arts and Civilization (CBAAC).

Olushola Macaulay, wey be di National Information and Programme Officer for UNESCO talk for Abuja to mark World Day for Audio Visual Heritage.

Im say di event go hold from November 6 go reach November 11.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Nigerians bin join UNESCO to celebrate di first International Festival of Intangible Culture Heritage for China for 2007

FESTAC 77 wey be di Second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture bin hold for Lagos from 15 January to 12 February 1977.

Di event bin dey to celebrate African culture, music, fine art, literature, drama, dance and religion.

Na one of di reasons wey for UNESCO 21st General Conference for 27 October 1980 dem agree to preserve di images wey lead to di World Day for Audio Visual Heritage.

UNESCO dey responsible for organizing international join bodi for education, science, culture and communication.