Madagascar plague: 124 don die, over one thousand dey infected

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Image example Na di pneumonic plague health experts say dey ground pass.

Plague don spread for Madagascar infect 1,192 and kill 124 people.

67% of di cases wey local and international health experts don see for districts wey dey affected, show say na di pneumonic kind of plague.

Pneumonic plague no too dey show for di country but e dey more deadly and na from person to person e dey spread.

Dis pneumonic plague dey cause fear and panic, sotey chemists don full with people wey dey find antibiotics and face masks.

Di outbreak don spread reach 10 cities for Madagascar wey include big cities like di capital city Antananarivo and Toamasina.

Plague no be new thing for Madagascar, wey around 600 cases dey happen every year. But dis new outbreak dey different because e show for place wey e never happen before.

Madagascar wey be Island for southern Africa na popular place for tourists and dis kind palava fit affect di tourism business.

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Image example Face masks and antibiotics dey in demand for Madagascar

Wetin be plague?

Plague na infection wey dey happen when Yersinia pestis, wey be bacteria, infect person.

Na two types of plague dey:

  • Bubonic plague - na dis one common and e dey spread when animals, especially rats, wey dey carry di infection from fly, bite person.
  • Pneumonic plague - e dey spread from person wey dey infected to another person.

30% to 60% of people wey dey get bubonic plague fit die. Pneumonic plague dey kill around 12-24 hours after person get am.

Image example Antananarivo and Toamasina na two of di major cities wey dey affected.

Wen dis latest plague begin?

E no too clear wen dis disease first start, but na 28 August 2017 di first person wey get plague die.

Di passenger die inside one transporter for Moramanga town, wey dey di east of di country.

Two other people wey dey in contact with dis passenger also die.

Then one Seychelles basketball coach die for Antananarivo hospital on 27 September during di Indian Ocean Basketball Championship.

Wetin government and international health experts dey do?

On 20 September, government ban public meetings and close public schools after di plague begin spread quick-quick for inside di country.

Government don introduce free number people go call to report new cases.

Di Ministry of Health don also deal with people wey dey spread 'fake news' about di plague.

Na only early antibiotics treatment fit save infected person with plague. WHO don ship 1.2 million dose of antibiotics go Madagascar.

At least 780 people don well since dem get antibiotics treatment since 1 August and six of di district wey get di outbreak never report new cases for 15 days according to di UN.

Authorities dey also try do some rules wey go make burial ceremony safe from infection.

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