Equatorial Guinea: France don sentence Vice President go 3 years jail

Teodorin Obiang Image copyright AFP/Getty Images
Image example Tori be say di Equatorial Guinea Vice President like 'big man' life

Court for France don give Vice President of Equatorial Guinea Teodorin Obiang three-year suspended jail term and 35 million dollars suspended fine for corruption mata.

Wetin dis one mean be say im no go go jail and im no go pay di fine although dem sentence am.

Dem accuse Obiang say im chop millions wey be public money to maintain im big man life for Paris.

Teodorin Obiang no gree show face for court but dem find am guilty of embezzlement, money laundering and corruption. Court also give order to seize im asset wey worth over 100 million including one six-storey building and plenty big big cars.

Obiang lawyer don react

Emmanuel Marsigny say di verdict dey biased.

'' E dey hard to see decision wey bone both French and international law like dis and wey also chook mouth inside Equatorial Guinea mata…dis decision dey biased but e no surprise us and we go look am well well to see how we go respond.''

William Bourdon wey be civil society dem lawyer also respond. Im happy for wetin im say na anyhow behaviour.

''After dis process wey make history, court dey send clear global message: Dis na di beginning of di end of anyhow behaviour because nobody fit do anything…dis na just di beginning.''

Teodorin Obiang na di eldest pickin of Equatorial Guinea President Teodoro Obiang Nguema wey don dey rule since 1979, Obiang imself don be Vice President since 2012.

Obiang case na di first of three wey target African leaders families wey dem accuse say dem dey use illegal money live large for France.

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