Ghana: Fulani farmers fight don kill 8 for Eastern Ghana

Police officers dem wey dey patrol for Bole direct area for Ghana Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Police dey think say fight fit be say cow wey Faluni people get, destroy farmland for di area

Do-me-I-do-you fight between Fulani herdsmen and farmers don kill 8 people for eastern Ghana.

Police say five Fulani people and three people wey dey live for di area, die for di fight.

Tori be say e pass 100 people wey no get house again as Fulani Herdsmen begin attack some community members inside Dwebease and Wheewhee communities wey dey inside Kwahu East District for di Eastern Region.

Di Eastern Regional Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Ebenezer Tetteh say dem never know wetin make di kill-kill happen and dem never arrest anybody yet.

Di Police oga say "history between Fulani and residents inside Kwahu show say di fight fit be say Cow wey Fulani people get, destroy farmland for di area."

"So far, eight deadi body na im dem don carry comot from farms inside Dwebease and Wheewhee communities and dem carry dem go Atibie Government Hospital…. di killing dey normally happen for night inside farms and na for daytime people go discover di dead bodi dem," Tetteh tell one local radio.

Image example Tension start when dem kill one boy around one health center for Dwerebeafe, according to one lawmaker.

Wetin cause di fight?

According to Solomon Aboagye wey be lawmaker for Wheewhee electoral area, tension start when dem kill one boy around one health center for Dwerebeafe.

"To retaliate di boy death, dem kill three Fulani people for Aboyan (inside Dwerebeafe). Two people for di area go farm and dem no return. I ask some people to search for dem but find out say dem don die." Na wetin Aboagye tell Citi News (one local radio station for Ghana).

Im talk say di people na farmer dem be and now dem dey fear say dem fit attack dem because "when dem go bush, na where di fear dey… di police no go fit go each person farm (to protect dem)."

Di lawmaker say dem don put di dead bodi dem inside Kwahu Government Hospital mortuary and now dem dey wait for test result to know wetin kill di people.

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