Ghana: Campaign promise of 'one village, one dam' no make sense - Deputy Minister

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Image example One Village One Dam suppose help Ghana to dey produce food di whole year.

Ghana's Deputy Minister for Food and Agriculture, Dr Sagre Bambangi, don talk say e no make sense to think say all di villages for di north of di country go get dams as President Nana Akufo-Addo bin promise for 2016 election campaign.

Im carry dis one nack tori people for Tamale.

President Akufo-Addo for di 2016 election bin promise say im go build dams for all di villages wey dey for di north.

Di president talk say dis go help Ghana to dey produce food all year and dem even fit start to dey export different foodstuff dem.

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Image example Di Minister say wetin President Akufo-Addo promise during campaign no make sense

But Bambangi say wetin government dey try do na to make sure say water dey for every village in case dem wan do farming for dry season.

Im say e no dey "commonsensical" say all di village go get dia own dam.

"Villages dey wey don already get dam so we go comot di salt wey dey inside and di ones wey no get water we go find how we fit give dem water.

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