Russia go build two nuclear power plant for Nigeria

nuclear power plant for inside Russia

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Di question now na whether nuclear power plant na di only option for light

Russia don sign agreement with Nigeria to build and operate one nuclear power plant for di country.

Oga dem from Nigeria Atomic Energy Commission and Russia government oil company, Rosatom na im sign di agreement for di two countries on Monday.

Nigeria na di biggest economy for Africa wey get light problem for plenty years.

Tori wey BBC gather from Nigeria Atomic Energy Commission show say na two nuclear plants dem wan build for Nigeria. One go dey for south, di oda one go dey for di central part of di country.

E no dey clear how much e go cost to build di power plant but e be like say e fit reach like $20billion to finish di project wey suppose start in two years.

Na Russia and Nigeria go contribute money pay for di project but di biggest money go come from Russia.

Di main aim na to increase electricity supply for Nigeria.

Nigeria na largest oil producer inside Africa and di number six producer for di world, but light na big headache for di country.

Na only like four thousand megawatts of electricity na im dey give light to 180 million people.