Cameroon: Person wey dey give Biya mouth don get 25 years for jail

President Paul Biya

Wia dis foto come from, AFP

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President Paul Biya

One military court for Cameroon don dash Aboubakar Siddiki 25 years for jail.

Aboubakar wey dem don arrest since 2014, dem accuse am say im wan scatter President Paul Biya government.

Mr Siddiki na di leader of Cameroon Patriotic Salvation Movement - one small opposition party for di country northern region.

Di court say im dey do strong head against di homeland, and say im dey do things to comot di president from office.

Dem arrest Siddiki with im lawyer Abdoulaye Harissou - and two of dem don dey prison since August 2014.

Di military court give Mr Harissou three years for prison, say im no give informate wey fit scatter national security.

Mr Siddiki lawyer, Emmanuel Simh, tell Reuters tori people say: "We go appeal dis decision, wey no make sense to us."

For dis case, dem drop di charges wey dey three other journalists head - Félix Cyriaque Ebolé Bola, Baba Wamé and Rodrigue Tongué - wey dem bin also arrest.

Amnesty International don condemn dis decision by di military court.

Amnesty say "im be di latest victim of how Cameroon government dey close mouth of people dem no agree with".

Di group say di government no carry any evidence wey dem fit hold hand, go court to convict am.