Uganda go declare 'State of Emergency' if doctors Strike

Students for Makerere University wey dey protest against plan to scrap presidential age limit for Uganda

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Protest na something wey dey common for Uganda

Uganda Medical Association say President Yoweri Museveni don draw ear give dem say im go declare state of emergency and arrest doctors if dem go ahead with di plan to go on strike next week.

Di head of di association Ekwaro Obuku tell BBC say di president talk dis for one meeting on Tuesday 1 November.

But one senior tori person for President Museveni deny say im make dat kain statement.

Dr Obuku talk say dis thing wey di President wan do show say doctors get value.

According to him, di President bin promise to look how im go fit increase salary for doctor dem and hold future meeting on top di matter.

On Monday 7 November, di association members dey plan to vote to see if members fit go on strike.

Tori be say di doctors dey protest di small money dem dey get as pay and di medicine and equipment wey dey dem no get wey dey make people die anyhow.

Di highest pay wey doctors dey earn for Uganda no pass $1000 a month.