Nigeria: Benue State ban anyhow waka of cow

Fulani herdsmen and cow wey plenty Image copyright AFP
Image example People wey dey carry cow fit waka go far far place to feed dia animals

Benue State for north-central Nigeria don bring out ban wey go stop cow from chopping grass anywhere. Di government say di law go bring peace, but di people wey no like di new law say e fit cause big wahala.

Di ban dey come after many years of violent clash between people wey dey carry cow and local farmers.

People wey dey carry cow dey accuse farmers say na dem dey kill dia cow, and di farmers say cows dey destroy wetin dem plant.

Di new law go mean say everybodi go keep cow and other animals like goat or sheep dem for farmyard.

Anybodi wey break dis law fit go jail for five years.

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Image example Nigerians don suffer from di fight-fight between people wey dey carry cow and farmers

Di people wey dey carry cow say e no dey fair to dem as dia normal way of life na to go from one place to another.

But Benue State government say di reason why dis law dey na to bring back peace to di region.

Boko Haram, because of dia kill-kill, don make di people wey dey carry cow comot from di north to find other place to take feed dia cow.

One join bodi wey bi Global Terrorism Index say dis people wey dey carry cow, don kill almost 1800 people between 2014 and 2015 for Nigeria.

Dem also say after Boko Haram, na dis people dey cause wahala pass for di country.

But, di people wey dey carry cow say di only thing wey dem dey do na to live and maintain dia way of life.

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