Pneumonia dey kill pickin dem for Africa

Aid workers dey campaign for cheap vaccines to tackle pneumonia.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Aid workers dey ginger for medicine wey no cost to take treat pneumonia.

Na like one million pickin dem dey die from pneumonia every year, even though dem fit treat am with medicine wey dey cost less than half-a-dollar.

Dis na wetin one new report wey one organisation - Save di Children release.

Dem describe di disease as "pickin killer wey dem don forget". Dem say pneumonia dey kill plenty pickin dem wey dey under five years pass any other disease and Africa dey make slow progress to reduce di death.

Nigeria, DR Congo, Ethiopia and Angola get di highest number of pickin death for di world, wey never reach five years from pneumonia. India and Pakistan follow dey di list.

Majority of dem dey under two years, wey dia immune system dey weak becos dem no dey chop well so dia body no fit fight back, na wetin di report add.

Save di children dey call world leaders to address di pneumonia problem.

Dem want cheap vaccines, access to medicine and life-saving oxygen. Dem also want make more than 160 million children around di world get immunisation against di disease.