Zimbabwe woman want make dem stop bride price


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Wetin we call dis foto,

Payment of a bride price dey common for many cultures around di world

One female lawyer for Zimbabwe want make dem stop lobola, wey be bride price, say na olden day things wey dey reduce women to common "property". Dis na according to one report for Herald newspaper.

Priccilar Vengesai believe say if dem keep di tradition, di family of di couples dem suppose pay bride price so e dey balance for di man and woman side, na wetin di newspaper add.

She carry di matter go di highest court for Zimbabwe, di Constitutional Court, she dey ask dem to hear her case because di tradition dey against her right as citizen.

Di newspaper dey quote Ms Vengesai wey say she want marry again, and no want her experience for her marriage before to happen for second time.

"I no follow dem arrange for di bride price. Dem no give me chance to ask why dem collect di money wey dem pay.

"Di whole thing just make me dey like property wey get price wey my uncle dem and my husband pay.

"E reduce me automatically come make me dey subject to my husband control since I dey feel like say dem buy me.

She say she from Shona tribe for di country, and plan to enter marriage as soon as dem settle di matter.

"For Shona culture, dem must pay bride price before di family and society go recognise di marriage.

"But where dem no pay pride price, parents and relatives of di woman no go allow dem to legalise dia marriage under di Marriage Act."