Why over 400 Nigerians dey China prison

Hand dey hold prison fence

Wia dis foto come from, Fifaliana Rakotoarison

Wetin we call dis foto,

Offense wey concern if person overstay after im visa don expire na 5,000 dollars be di fine for China.

E fit reach like 500 Nigerians wey dey for different prisons for China.

Abike Dabiri- Erewa, wey dey help Presidency chook eye on top mata wey concern Nigerians wey dey live outside di country, say di tori say na thousands of Nigerians dey prison for di Asian country no true.

"You go hear 2000 but that no be di correct number at all. People dey make di number look big. I think say we get less than 500 Nigerians wey dey Chinese prisons".

Concerning di transfer of prisoners between Nigeria and China, Madam Dabiri-Erewa talk say agreement never dey between di two countries to exchange prisoners for now.

"We don receive plenty- plenty beg-beg and some prisoners talk say dey wan move from one prison there to another."

Im say until then, make Nigerians wey dey live for China dey obey di law.

She also advise Nigerians to learn from di Chinese culture of discipline and "we can do spirit."

BBC Pidgin follow Madam Abike talk about di crime wey make some of di Nigerian people dey prison for China and she reveal say some of dem dey overstay wen dia visa don expire and others put hand for drugs mata.


Abike Dabiri-Erewa, tell BBC Pidgin say Nigeria government don dey talk with di Chinese government so dat di people wey dia crime no too dey big- like overstay visa, dey go fit send dem back to Nigeria.

According to am, di palava wey Nigeria government dey face to help di prisoner na:

  • No agreement on top prisoner transfer between Nigeria and China
  • Di government no dey sure if all of dem wey dey claim to come from Nigeria really come from di country.
  • Some of dem go China with fake names so e go dey hard to try to bring dem back.

Madam Abike also reveal say some of di prisoner wey die for China and wey no get papers wey dem go fit use take identify dem, dey burn dia body inside di country.