Belgium don free former Catalan leader

Carles Puigdemont, former leader of Catalonia

Wia dis foto come from, Reuters

Wetin we call dis foto,

Belgium get 60 days to return Carles Puigdemont and im four colleagues to Spain.

Belgium don release Carles Puigdemont wey be di former leader of Catalonia. Na one judge release Puigdemont with some kain conditions and four other officials dem wey be ministers before.

Di condition wey di judge give dem be say dem no go fit comot for di country without permission and dem must also talk where dem go stay.

Puigdemont and di other former ministers bin surrender demself give Belgium police after arrest warrant wey one Spanish judge give.

Puigdemont bin run go Belgium after im declare independence for Catalonia wey Madrid cancel with direct rule.

Di former leader wey bin dey fight for Catalonia independence from Spain say e no dey go back Spain unless dem promise am say im go get fair trial.

Spain dey find Puigdemont and four of im other colleagues who dem say dey cause wahala for government; dey ginger people to wan fight and dem wan know how dem take use public money.

Dem go show for Belgium court in 15 days and na 60 days Belgium get to return di five give Spain.