Burundi don give unmarried couples till end of 2017 to marry

President of Burundi Pierre Nkurunziza

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Wetin we call dis foto,

President Pierre Nkurunziza talk say dis new law go make people stop to dey do bad bad things for Burundi.

For May 2017, BBC bin report say Burundi government give men and women wey dey live together for di East African country until di end of dis year 2017 make dem legalize dia relationship. Di government bin tell di couples make dem go marry for church or for state registry.

Wetin happen be say, di thing no be law wey parliament do.

Na di campaign wey President Pierre Nkurunziza bin launch wey im call "a moralization of society" wey dey encourage people wey dey live together but never marry to do so.

Dem also want make men wey get plenty wives dem to register for marriage.

Burundi law no gree make one man get more than one wife or make people just dey live together and dem no marry.

Burundi get plenty Muslims but di law only allow make one man register one woman and some women no like dis one at all.

President Nkurunziza bin say dis one go protect women and make sure say people no dey do immoral things. But some people feel say e no get respect for dia religion and culture.

November don reach now and government still dey sound warning give all di unmarried couples for di country if dem no obey.

Di government feel say if marriage dey recognized for law, e go protect women and children from inheritance palava.

Some people sef dey complain say dem no get money to marry because of di plenty money wey families dey collect for bride price.

E never dey too clear how government go catch di people wey no gree marry but one farmer wey im name na Pierre tell AFP tori people say local authorities dey threaten im and im partner say dem go land dem fine and any pickin wey dem get no go fit enjoy free education and treatment for hospital.

Martin Nivyabandi wey be Human Rights Minister dey worry say people wey no do wetin government dey talk fit enter trouble.

Upon all dis things, government still dey talk say if dem register marriages, e go reduce illegal relationship, help government know how many people dey di country come still reduce population join.