Italy dey investigate how 26 Nigerian women die for migrant boats

Coffins of di migrants wey die Salerno, 5 Nov 17

Wia dis foto come from, EPA

Lawyers for Italy dey investigate how 26 Nigerian women take die - many of dem na young people wey dem see dia body for sea.

Dem dey suspect say dem rape dem before dem kill dem as dem dey try cross sea to go Europe.

Authorities don dey talk to five migrants wey survive di journey for southern port of Salerno.

Spanish warship, Cantabria na im carry di 375 migrants including di women wey die after dem rescue dem.

23 of di women wey die been dey inside rubber boat with 64 other people dem.

According to talk-talk people for Italy, dem find di women bodi for fridge section for di warship and most of dem bin dey between 14-18 years old.

Most of di 375 survivors wey dem carry go Salerno bin come from Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, The Gambia and Sudan, dat na wetin local tori people La Republica report.

People wey dey inside na 90 Women - eight of dem carry belle- with 52 pickin dem.

Some Libya men and women dey dia too.

Gang wey dey smuggle people dey charge about $6,000 for one migrant to take go Italy, $4,000 na for transport to Libya, dis na according to di Italian aid group L'Abbraccio.

Also, di report wey di International Organization for Migration (IOM) bring comot show say since di beginning of dis year go reach dis November, na 150,982 migrants don land for southern Europe with boat from North Africa.