Nigeria kidnapping: Ian Squire don die and three don free

Niger Delta, Nigeria
Wetin we call dis foto,

Na for Niger Delta region of Nigeria di kidnapping happen

Kidnappers for Niger Delta region for Nigeria don kill one British man wey dem kidnap for October.

Na four foreigners wey be British citizens dey do charity work for Delta state before dem kidnap dem.

But di British Foreign Office (FCO) don confirm say dem don free di three remaining people.

Nigerian authorities say bad-bad people, wey fit be militants, kidnap Ian Squire and and di three other British people for 13 October.

Na di British High Commission and Nigeria government negotiate di release of Alanna Carson, David Donovan and Shirley Donovan.

Di FCO talk say di people wey dem free still dey in shock.

One FCO talk-talk person say Nigerian authorities dey investigate di mata, e still talk say, ''Our staff go still dey give di people and dia family all di assistance and support dem need''.

Na around 2am dem kidnap di four for October, when di kidnappers carry force enter di rural village di British dey live.

According to tori for local newspapers, Dr and Mrs Donovan don dey live for Nigeria reach over 14 years.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Kidnapping dey common inside di oil-rich Niger Delta region of Nigeria

Di couple dey supervise one charity dem dey call New Foundations wey dey help poor villagers for di Niger Delta.

Di family members of di four British don talk say 'we dey happy and our mind don settle' after dem free Ms Carson, and Dr and Mrs Donovan.

''Our mind dey with di family and friends of Ian on top di kain pain dem go get on top im sad-sad passing'' dem talk.

As things be so, di FCO don cut serious warning give British citizens wey wan travel go Delta state say, ''serious risk of kidnap dey possible."