Kaduna ready to change di 25,000 teachers wey fail primary 4 test

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Image example Education for northern Nigeria no reach di same level like di south

Kaduna state for North West Nigeria don begin dey find 25,000 new teachers to replace di ones wey no pass examination test wey primary 4 school pickin dey do.

Kaduna state government don release di names of di 11,220 out of 33,000 primary school teachers wey pass di test.

Na dis 11,220 still get work with government according to di News Agency of Nigeria.

Di Kaduna State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) don talk say teachers wey feel dem try for di test but dem still fail, make dem show for dia office come complain.

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Image example Apart from quality of education, problem of security dey from militants like Boko Haram

Di Executive Chairman of SUBEB, Mr. Nasiru Umar talk say no be like government get one secret agenda to sack people but na quality for education dem wan bring come back schools for Kaduna dey ginger dem.

Umar talk im mind wen im say, ''33,000 primary school teachers write test wey everybody join hand agree say dem go do including di Nigerian Union of teachers (NUT) and 21,780 no score up to 75 per cent.''

''Di reason why we do di test na because di quality of education wey dey our schools bad. Some teachers no fit even speak good English.''

''We begin give dem training but we come see say, come rain or come sun, no amount of training go help them.''

''Di NUT now wan make we change di pass mark of di test from 75% to 60% even though dem dey involve for di test from di beginning.''

''We go give three months final notice to di teachers wey fail di test before we free dem from di civil service.''

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Image example Kaduna state wan upgrade education

SUBEB say dem don receive more than 13,000 applications from people wey wan teach.

For October, one senior oga for Kaduna state tell BBC dem dey plan to do tests for secondary school teachers so dem go know di ones wey no sabi work.

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