Nigeria: Three women bombers don blow demself for Maiduguri

Nigerian army

Three suicide female bombers don do terrorist attack for Maiduguri, Borno state, wey dey north-east of Nigeria after dem blow demself, come wound eight people.

Soldiers kill di fourth one before she fit blow her own bomb.

For Adamawa state, wey dey next to Borno, people wey dem suspect say be jihadists attack Gulak town for night. Authorities say na three people die, including oe military person.

Na for University of Maiduguri two suicide bombers kill demself when dem blow di bomb wey dem carry for bodi.

Two other female bombers come target one military check-point wey dey outside di town. One get chance blow di bomb but soldiers kill di second one before she fit get chance.

Emergency people dem say plenty people wound and six get serious injury.

Wia dis foto come from, AFP

Dis plenty explosion dey follow as Nigerian military dey fight Boko Haram militants for Madagli wey dey nearby Adamawa state.

Tori wey dey comot say plenty people die inside di fight-fight.

But army people dey talk say na one soldier and two civilians die, plus including others wey wound.

E never sure how many Boko Haram people die because dem carry di dead bodi of dia people as dem dey run comot.

Wetin dis attack show be say Boko Haram na still serious mata wey never finish even as di military don try well-well on top how dem dey fight di militants.