German Police don catch man wey hide snake for trouser

Python Image copyright gettyimages
Image example Police dey investigate if di man break law.

Di man don drink sotay im don high. Im start to fight another man for road. Di people wey dey live for di area carry complain give police.

All dat tori no reach di one wey shock police pass.

Germany police say dem don arrest di man after dem find say im dey hide snake for inside im trouser.

Di 19-year-old man bin dey fight another person after im don drink and people don complain so police show for area, come grab am.

Police as dem dey search di man, dem notice "something wey swell for im trouser".

Di man tell officers say im get snake inside im trouser, as im come bring out baby king python.

Dem dey investigate whether di man break animal protection law.

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