US: Report on soldiers wey die for Niger fit reach January

Soldiers inside truck Image copyright ISSOUF SANOGO
Image example Militant group with connection to Islamic State dey behind di kill-kill of U.S and Niger soldiers.

Pentagon say report for investigate on attack wey kill four US soldiers for Niger for October no go come out till January 2018.

US Department of Defense say dem don tell di family of di four soldiers say "United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) investigate team go travel go US, Africa and Europe to get more informate," wey relate to di matter.

Dem tell di family dem say e go reach till January 2018 before di report ready, but if officials need more time on top am, dem go tell di families.

Di person wey go bi oga of di investigate na Major General Roger Cloutier wey be AFRICOM chief of staff.

Di ambush happen for October 4 as one team of 12 American special force soldiers and 30 Niger soldiers dey return from one village wey dem dey call Tongo Tongo near border with Mali when dem come under attack.

Na like 50 fighters wey dey part of Islamic State group attack dem, with small guns, grenade and trucks wey get gun on top.

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