Cameroon: Anglophone people don begin carry gun?

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Image example School dey close since 2016 for Anglophone region of Cameroon because of di palava for di area

After one group of sabi people; International Crisis Group bin warn for October 2017 say people fit begin carry gun for di English speaking region inside Cameroon if President Paul Biya no do quick solve di palava there, things don red.

Di question people dey find answer to na if dat warning don dey become reality after people kill two gendarmes (paramilitary police) for Bamenda, north west region of Cameroon on 6 November.

Before dat one happen, dem bin don kill another gendarme for nearby town for Jakiri.

Cameroon information minister Issa Tchiroma tell one news agency say English-speaking protesters wey don dey provoke for months against di government, na im carry fighting weapons kill di gendarmes.

Na since last year na im wahala on top discrimination for political and economic matter wey concern lawyers and teachers inside di English Speaking area for Cameroon start sotey activists for there begin vex dey demonstrate and even want dia own country.

On 1 October, wey be di occasion wey mark when di English-speaking region enter Cameroon, one group claim say dem don declare dia own country.

Government send plenty security go di area, and tori be say more than ten people die for protests wey happen there.

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Image example President Biya bin follow condemn di violence wey happen for di English-speaking regions of di country

Some things wey don happen since 1 October for southern Cameroon

  • Government send security people go di area wey lead to death of 17 people
  • Military court jail one critic of Paul Biya for 25 years
  • People wey dem no know who dem be burn down two schools
  • Dem kill one military police for Jakiri
  • Dem kill two military police for Bamenda
  • Government declare curfew for Bamenda

As e be so, nobody don come out to say na dem kill di military police for Bamenda, even though say di government don already say na people for di English-speaking region kill dem.

But some people no believe wetin di government dey talk.

One of dem, na Eric Shu, wey be one development expert wey sabi wetin dey happen for Cameroon. Im tell BBC News Pidgin Daniel Semeniworima say "I no go fit talk say any of di people for Bamenda carry gun, but I know say all dis one di government dey talk about di gendarmes na to call di people for southern and north-west region bad name so dat dem go fit oppress dem," Shu talk.

Image example Plenty men and women still dey come out, even though government don try to stop di protests

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