Nigeria: Police don reject last position for world ranking

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Image example Nigeria Police say dem see di report as bad belle for wetin di force dey do

Di Nigeria Police Force no gree for latest ranking wey di International Police Association and di Institute for Economics and Peace do, wey put dem for last position for world.

Di ranking bin come from di 2016 World Internal Security and Police Index (WISPI) wey di two organizations support.

Di ranking bin calculate how police dey do dia work for 127 countries. Things wey dem use calculate na; capacity to dia work, di process dem dey use work, whether dia method dey legal and wetin be di result from dia work.

According to di report, Nigeria no do well at all for di four areas as dem get total mark of 0.255.

Di best country for Africa na Botswana wey dey 47th for world ranking.

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Image example Nigerian Police for di statement talk say dem don get world-class Terrorism Investigation Bureau

Wetin make Nigeria score like that?

Number of police for every 100,000 people

Di report talk say na only 219 police men dey for every 100,000 people for Nigeria. Di report say e dey below di average number for world wey be 300 and for sub-saharan Africa wey be 268. WISPI say "dis dey reduce di way wey di police fit do im duty".

But Nigerian Police for dia statement talk say di real number na one police person for every 600 people.

Level of political terror

Di report talk say political terrorism bin full ground since 1993 and e never reduce, as dem score 4 for Political Terror Scale since dat time.


"Terrorism na big wahala for security for inside country. Terror don increase for world for di past three years. But di biggest increase for di terrorism matter na Nigeria last year," di report talk.

But for statement on Friday, Nigeria Police troway di report say e no get proof, even talk say dem dey among di best police force for world.

For dia statement, dem say na dem be di best for UN peacekeeping operations, best for Africa and one of di best for world.

Di force say dem don collect better training from di federal government for Nigeria and also collect training wey both foreign and local NGOs do take join bodi to take better dia work.

Nigeria Police also say di world class Terrorism Investigation Bureau wey dem just get dey help dem fight di internal battle of corruption.

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