Burundi dey provoke for International Criminal Court

Plenty people wey dey protest for Burundi Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Big protest, fight-fight and kill-kill happen for 2015 inside Burundi because of President Nkurunziza decision to contest election for 3 times

International Criminal Court (ICC) still dey shook eye inside wetin dey happen for Burundi even if di country don pack comot from court wey for di Hague.

Na for October 2017 Burundi government wash hand say dem no wan get anything to do with ICC again.

Now di central African country dey provoke for di announcement from International Criminal Court to open full investigate on top accuse of crimes against human life for di country.

"Wetin di Hague Court wan do na 'cheating' and dem dey 'corrupt', na wetin Willy Nyamitwe wey be communications director for Burundi president office talk.

Tori be say fight-fight bin happen inside Burundi for 2015 after President Pierre Nkurunziza decide to contest for third time as president after plenty groups no agree whether im decision to contest follow wetin di country constitution talk.

Human right group dem say hundreds of people na im di fight-fight bin kill dat time.

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Image example President Nkurunziza don win election enter office as di president

United Nations officer dem wey investigate di matter say evidence dey to show say crimes against human life happen.

Dem announce di report for September to describe di killing dem, torture and rape, wey dem say na government soldier commit pass but also talk say opposition group dem follow commit.

Di UN report ask International Criminal Court to investigate di matter.

Paper wey ICC take announce di investigate say hundreds of people na im disappear inside di country, and thousands na im Burundi government dey torture and dey hold for cell.

E reach 400,000 people wey no get where to live again because of di fight-fight, ICC talk.

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