Why Benin Republic health workers strike never end?

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Image example Benin Republic na small West African country

E be like say Benin Republic government and health union dem never still settle di two month strike wey don make public hospital and clinic to close shop for di country.

Di strike begin for August when health workers waka comot from one meeting with government after dem hear say Cotonou wan introduce new policy to allow private people to take over public hospital and clinic dem.

On Saturday 4 November tori bin come out say dem bin reach agreement to end di strike.

Di plan be say government go release about 3.7 million euros to improve salary and condition after dem reach agreement.

But now, one person wey dey represent di health union dem Adolphe Oussou dey claim say di government don take style ignore dia demand dem.

As im talk dat one, Development Minister Abdoulaye Bio Tchane, wey bin do di negotiate with di health workers on behalf of di government, say "di government don show say e dey ready to meet all di demands from di health unions and to end di strike for dis important sector."

Di new policy suppose be part of plan wey President Patrice Talon government get to sharperly make di country economy we dey for go slow to grow.

Benin Republic na west Africa country wey economy dey really depend on buying and selling from Nigeria.

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