Ellen Johnson Sirleaf don get statue for Nigeria

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Image copyright Twitter/RochasOkorocha
Image example For 2011 Ellen Johnson Sirleawin Nobel Peace Prize for non-violent struggle for safety of women rights matter

Dem just show statue of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, di first female president of Liberia for Nigeria.

Dis one happen for Imo state as she dey do two-day working waka.

Di governor of di state, Rochas Okorocha shine eye for di statue on Friday, November 10.

Im say dem dey make history and if 100 years pass and people don forget who dem be, at least dem go still dey see di statue.

As Sirleaf show for Imo state, dem don give her chieftaincy title plus merit award.

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She go join other leaders like Jacob Zuma of South Africa and Nana Akufo-Addo of Ghana to get statue for Imo state.

But even as di state governor carry do dis statue, Nigeria people don enter Twitter to talk dia own for di matter.

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