Pickin still need to dey learn handwriting for school?

Pickins dey learn for school. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Schools for Nigeria dey teach handwriting as just topic.

To learn handwriting no be by force again for schools wey dey US and some other countries don follow comot am from dia list of subjects.

But why some countries like UK still dey do am for dis age of technology? E no better make pickin dem dey sabi how to type instead?

To show say handwriting no too dey important like before, some countries like Nigeria, dey teach am as just topic for English language subject.

Bye-bye to writing

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Image example Argument dey say instead of handwriting, make dem dey teach pickin how to code and type with keyboard.

Even though say some states for US like Illinois still dey insist say dem go teach handwriting for schools, wetin dey happen for real life don show say adults no too dey write with dia hand again.

One survey wey UK mailing company Docmail do with 2,000 adults for 2012 show say most of di people wey do di survey no use dia hand write anything since 41 days. Di ones wey don manage write something na just wetin dem go buy for market dem write.

Schools for Indiana state for US, Finland and India no dey do handwriting again.

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People dey argue say di time wey dem waste dey teach pickin dem handwriting, dem for use am teach modern tings like coding or typing.

But any benefit dey for di hours wey pickins dey use learn join-join alphabet writing style?

E no dey useless

E be like say to dey teach pickin handwriting fit get some kain benefits wey typing on top keyboard no get.

One research wey Aix-Marseille University do with pickin dem wey dey three to five years for 2005 show say to use hand write dey help dem to dey remember alphabets.

Another argument wey some people get be say join-join writing dey very fast and e dey help if person wan write note pass to dey print letters out.

But person wey sabi type fit copy words fast fast. So after pickin don grow, wetin be di use?

Evidence dey suggest say to use hand write dey help pickin remember even when dem don grow finish.

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