Cameroon: Government don put curfew for Buea

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Image example People for English-speaking regions of Cameroon bin protest on 1 October say dem wan go form dia own country

Cameroon don ban night waka for Buea, capital of di south-west region as dem don put curfew for di area.

Na di governor of di region stamp am for paper on Friday, 10 November 2017.

Wetin dey inside di paper talk say di decision na because of "some acts of terrorism against di Forces of Law and Order by barbaric terrorists wey dey hide among di population."

Di government bin don also ban night waka for Bamenda wey dey di north-west part of di country after some people bin kill two paramilitary police (gendarmes).

Di government say na people for di English-speaking region of Cameroon wey dey ginger say dem want dia own country kill di gendarmes.

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People for Cameroon English-speaking regions for di northwest and southwest don dey protest say di French-speaking region of di country wey plenty pass, no dey allow better things to reach dem.

For 1 October 2017, some people for dis regions do protests come do one kain ceremony say dem don form dia own country.

Di things wey follow dis curfew for back na say no movement from 7pm to 6am, no hunting of animal with gun, no shooting of gun for celebrations like burial. Also, no sale of gun and bullet and people wey get gun suppose carry dia two legs, go report to authorities.

Since di wahala start for di English-speaking regions of Cameroon, tori be say many people don run enter Nigeria.

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Image example Government bin send more security go di regions wey protests happen

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