South Africa: 'No plan for free education'

Students protesting at Wits University in South Africa - September 2016 Image copyright EPA
Image example Big-big protest against university fees don dey happen for South Africa since 2016

South Africa President Jacob Zuma say im no get any plan to announce free higher education programme; dis na after local newspaper bin report say Zuma suppose give tori about free education as early as February dis year.

Na for statement today na im di President talk-talk person wey be Bongani Ngqulunga say "no stage dey wey e (Zuma) plan to make any announcement" until e put eye well-well on top di work of one Commission wey wan check if South Africa go fit pay for free education.

Di matter serious sotay di country currency wey be rand begin fall like water for stock market on 10 November, after Sunday Times report say Zuma education plan for cost up to ZAR 40 billion (wey be about $2.79 billion)

President Zuma office say dem bin dey wait to hear from di Commission - dem dey respond to tori wey di newspaper talk say big-big officials for di Treasury bin remove di free education matter from inside Zuma state of di nation speech for February.

Image copyright AFP
Image example President Jacob Zuma don get plenty palava since e enter office

Education money dey vex many people

Na since last year na im South African universities don dey affected by di biggest student protests wey don hit di country since apartheid end for 1994.

Di vex-vex cause at least $44m of damage to property, sotay some universities lock dia doors drive everybodi go back house.

Wetin bin cause all di palava na say when dem announce say school fees go rise with between 10% and 12% for 2015.

Di demonstrations, wey happen with hashtag #FeesMustFall, trouble plenty top universities - sotay President Zuma order say make everybodi leave fees as dem dey for one year.