'Heading' for football dey increase chance of brain disease?

Aln Shearer
Image example Alan Shearer do MRI scan, wey be brain x-ray, to check if im brain get palava because im dey play ball before-before.

UK experts wey dey investigate di connection between 'heading' for football and dementia, wey be brain disease, don talk say e dey important make dem do quick, increase dis kain research.

Na one documentary wey BBC do for television wey dem call ''Dementia, football and me'' wey focus on former England International, Alan Shearer na im dey ginger di sabi people.

Sabi people for Stirling University discover just last year say, wen person play even just one game of football, and im use head nack di ball too much, na im brain go begin get palava quick-quick.

Di BBC documentary wey dem show for Sunday night get plenty people wey talk about di body matter, including, current and retired professional footballers, di family of former players wey get dementia, di Football Association (FA), di Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) and experts wey sabi for sports medicine well-well.

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Image example Jeff Astle bin play for West Brom 1964-1974 and for England for 1970 World Cup; e get dementia, then die by di age of 59 for 2002.

Many of di people wey show for di film talk say even if na small chance na im 'heading' for football and brain disease fit use get any connection, e dey give dem headache, and more research go dey good.

Former England international Alan Shearer do test for di Stirling University laboratory where experts, for di first time, discover proof say di brain dey change as soon as person use head hit ball.

Na di same change dem see for di people wey first agree to do dis test wey dem print for magazine dem call, EBioMedicine.

After di test na im Shearer talk say: ''Football suppose dey ginger universities to do plenty research but dem need money.''

"As e be so, money dey for all kain things for football but when na research matter, di amount dem need no dey. Time don reach make we get correct answer wey make sense."

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Image example Shearer score more than 46 headers for di Premier League.

Dem fit ban 'heading' for football?

When dem make di connection for United States between brain palava wey dey happen wen ball dey nack players for head plenty-plenty times, di National Football League quick-quick organise money of up to $750m wey dem go use pay former players wey di thing dey affect.

Di PFA chief executive Peter Taylor agree say football suppose do di same kain investigation to check di palava wey heading dey cause, and dem don begin dey plan.

Mr Taylor talk say di PFA dey look whether dem go open book, begin write di names of all dia football members wey get dementia.

''Football suppose check wetin dey between brain disease and heading, because if dis connection dey, wey go increase di problems members get later for future, then we suppose begin dey chook eye inside di law of di game and do something about am."

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