DR Congo: 60 die and 80 injure for train accident

2014 train crash for Katanga province Image copyright NUMBI MATHYS
Image example Di 2014 crash for Katanga province bin kill 74, injure 163; dat time, International Red Cross say bodi wey dem bury reach 200.

Authorities dey try rescue people and see how many don injure, after train wey bin dey transport 13 oil tankers get accident for Lualaba province.

UN radio Opaki naim first talk how many people die, while Minister of Mines for Lualaba wey be Jean_Marie Tshizainga, tell AFP say di number fit dey grow "higher."

Tori be say so far, na 60 people die, while 80 others injure for inside di fire.

One senior oga for di country national railway company, Sylvestre IIunga IIukamba, say di people wey die inside di train be "illegal" travellers as di train no bin suppose carry passengers.

Image copyright ISSOUF SANOGO
Image example Tori be say government investment for train transportation dey very low; dis na people wey dey travel for Kinshasa, on November 2008

Di train bin dey travel from di country second biggest city Lubumbashi, to Luena, when di accident happen as di train bin try climb hill near Lubudi station.

Na so di train enter big hole, catch fire.

Plenty train don crash for di country before-before. For April, 2014, one wey dey carry load, miss road kill plenty people.

Another one happen for July 1987 near Zambia border; dat time na 150 people die after di train crash enter truck.

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