Ghana don get new law to stop illegal cut-cut of trees

Ghanaian woodcutters wey dey arrange timbers from tress wey dem just cut for one of di many sawmills for Kumasi.

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Woodcutters for one of di many sawmills for Kumasi

Ghana don pass one new law to stop di anyhow clearing, cut-cut and removing of tress wen dey for forest and reduce di selling of illegal timber.

Dis new law wey dey bring out, na as warning dey come from environmental experts about di serious damage wey dey for Ghana woodlands.

According to di Ghana Forest Investment Program, Ghana dey lose two per cent of dia forests every year because of illegal falling and cut-cut of tress wey people dey sell as timber.

Dis new regulation na part of changes to stop am. E go also make sure say dey settle di different community wey di illegal falling and cutting of tress dey affect.

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin we call dis foto,

For countries like Indonesia, cut-cut of tress dey among one of di highest for di world.

Di rule and procedure wey been dey before person fit get permit to fall and cut tress for timber, no too dey clear. Dis one come make am dey hard to manage di forest sector well.

BBC tori person- Thomas Naadi report say dem dey export Ghana timber go Asia, America and Europe.

Di country don arrange one agreement with di European Union to make sure say all timber wey dey export to dia market dey legal.

Plenty millions of Ghana people dey depend on di forest inside di country as business wey dem dey use take survive and dis go affect those wey dey do illegal cut-cut.

But di government dey hope say dis law go increase tax revenue and encourage growth to dey for di whole forestry sector.