Explosions don nack Bamenda for Cameroon

Hotel wey dem burn Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Protesters destroy dis hotel for Bamenda during 'I no go gree waka' for June dis year

Four local bombs explode overnight for inside di main city of Cameroon English speaking area where gbege dey happen.

But nobody injure.

''Four local bombs explode for Bamenda, one for 9:00pm and di other three happen for 3:00am.''

Na so one person wey sabi di security people dem talk.

Im say one explosion happen for di Mobile Intervention Squad and another for one popular supermarket.

Di other two happen for one join- join road and for one street near Commercial Avenue Bamenda.

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Image example Security people enter street for October to stop I no go gree waka wey government no sign

Dis explosions dey come one week after three gendarmes die for di area for Cameroon where English-speaking minority dey live.

Authorities say na ''terrorists'' wey dey campaign to comot for di two English areas, north-west and south-west kill dem.

Na 5% of di population dey speak English for di country, di rest na French.

Di English people say dem dey suffer discrimination for education and justice and also for economic mata.

President Paul Biya reject demand for dem to get more power to dey do dia own thing.

Dis one lead to tension and gbege.

United Nations talk say since di gbege start, thousands nai don run go Nigeria.

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