Ghana: See as dis girls conquer autism

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Ghana models wey conquer dia autism

Three teenage Ghana girls wey get autism dey try achieve dia dream to be models even though dem dey live with dis serious challenge.

Yacoba Tete-Marmon, Nana Ohenewaa Kuffour and Maame Bema Baffour Awuah, no allow dia autistic condition affect dia dream to become model.

With all di challenge wey dey dia life, dis three girls don do plenty photo shoots, win award plus get appointment as brand ambassadors for one water company for Ghana.

Image copyright Ebenezer G Tetteh
Image example Yacoba go sometimes sidon dey cry because she no fit do things wey she for like do.

First time

Di mama of di girls share dia experience when dem first hear say dia pickin get autism.

Josephine Ayishetu Bankole say, she go plenty places, spend plenty money to see if she go fit cure her pickin.

When Mary Amoah first hear say her pickin get autism, she pray tire as she no bin believe say na true.

For Olivia Baffour Amuah, wetin pain her pass na say oda children no send her pickin and dem no wan play with her.

Even though e no easy to raise dis girls, dia mama dem still decide say "for everything wey bad, something good must dey inside" and dat good thing na modelling.

Image copyright Ebenezer G Tetteh
Image example Nana dey four to five years when doctor tell her mama say she get autism.

Raise pickin with autism

Plenty challenge dey for parent wey get pickin with autism because society dey quick treat dem anyhow.

When Nana first start school, parents wey no understand di condition carry dia pickin dem comot from di school.

E hard to manage autistic children for public because dem no dey like noise at all and dem no like crowd.

Image copyright xpressionEbenezer G Tetteh
Image example Bema mama discover say she dey autistic when she bin dey 1-2 years.

Wetin be autism?

According to Autistics, dis na development condition wey fit make di mind of person wey get am work different from how other people own dey work.

Every person wey get autism dey different in im own way. Some fit live, learn and work by demself, but odas dey find am difficult to learn.

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