Na "street lawyers" dey reign pass for Ghana

Di street lawyers for dia workshop.
Image example Na under umbrella di "street lawyers" dey stay with dia olden days typewriters.

People dey estimate say na only four of di top law firms for Ghana dey control more than half of di legal market for di country and no be everybodi get di kain money wey dem dey charge.

But dem don find solution: di people wey dem dey call "street lawyers".

Dem dey charge small money from five Ghanaian cedis ($1; £0.50) to do affidavit, reach 1,000 cedis for "letter of administration".

Di street lawyers dey siddon inside shed wey dem use old shipping containers do.

For plenty of dem, na just umbrella, chair and table dey enough for dem to use do dia "chamber".

Image example Na chikini money di "street lawyers" dey collect.

Di people wey dey do dis "street lawyer" work na mostly commissioners wey dey do oaths, paralegals and people wey dey write letter.

Dem dey come with dia olden days school typewriter and photcopying machines wey even museum go happy to buy.

But e no dey possible say dem go wan sell am give any museum because di typewriters dey help well-well as light no dey.

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