5 correct things wey don fade troway

Hole punch Image copyright Tom Yeshuah

Who know say di hole punch don reach 131 years? Who know sef say e get anniversary? But wait, you sabi di hole punch wey we dey talk?

You sabi dat thing wey dem dey use for office take put hole for paper so dem go fit pin am for inside file? Dat na hole punch.

And e don reach 131 years wey dem do am.

Google sef dey don use dia Doodle to mark di occasion for dia home page.

Na November 14 for late 1800's when Friedrick Soennecken collect licence wey show say na im do am.

Image copyright Evan-Amos

Di hole punch na very important office equipment wey dey always dey for every office.

But dat one na before.

As technology dey grow dey go, people no too dey use am again.

You fit still see hole punch for some office but e no dey as important as before.

But no be only di hole punch wey people don troway for one side as technology dey improve everyday.

1. Floppy disk

Image copyright iStock

Floppy disks na popular thing for di 1970s. Before, to dey use computer no complete if you no get am.

Before, dem bin use floppy disks to:

  • Transfer small-small files from one computer put inside another one.
  • Dem dey use am store important files dem.
  • You fit use am keep files wey you no want make other people see for your computer.

2. Video cassette recorder

Image copyright InspiredImages

Na 2016 dem produce di last video cassette recorder (VCR) for Japan.Funai Electric bin dey produce am for 33 years.

But for 2015. dem sell only 750,000 of di VCR, something wey dem dey sell reach 15 million every year before.

Na for 1978 VCR bin enter market and di product change di way people dey enjoy film for house. Dat time, people fit comot go and come back to watch anything wey dem like.

But when DVD show, people change level.

3. Cassette tapes

Image copyright Aliko Sunawang

Who no enjoy di joy wey cassette tape bring come dia life?

Di 'mix tape' na very important part of life for di 1980s. you fit do selection for girl wey you dey cut eye give and dat fit increase di chance say she go look your side.

You fit record music wey dey jam for radio. Some people sef come get skill for how to fade when di radio DJ start to talk over di song wey you record.

But today, cassette tape don disappear after MP3 player show for market.

4. Game Boy

Image copyright Bryan Ochalla

Di next thing wey scatter everybodi heard na di Game Boy wey Nintendo release for 1989. Di game sell over 118 million.

Na Game Boy allow make people enjoy different kain games and you no go need television. You fit put am for inside pocket.

Game Boy bin get plenty popular games like Tetris and Marios Bros and di battery dey last well-well.

5. Walkman

Image copyright Evan-Amos

Sony Walkman try but like di other ones wey we don mention, im too reach im final full stop.

People wey dey like to carry music waka everywhere vex small when dem hear say Sony wan replace di popular Walkman with im MP3 junior brother.

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