Snakebite: 5,000 anti-snake venom don land for Nigeria

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Image example 10,000 more bottle of di anti-snake venom go soon enter Nigeria.

E don pass one month wey snakebite kill pass 250 people for Nigeria sake of say treatment bin no dey for hospitals. Now, di country don buy 5,000 bottles anti-snake venom wey go treat snakebite.

Some of di anti-snake venom wey enter Nigeria dis weekend na EchiTAB G wey dey treat bite from Carpet Viper and EchiTAB Plus wey dey treat bite from Puff Adder, Black Cobra and Carpet Viper join.

Na for UK and one university for Costa Rica dem dey do di medicine.

Di last set of di anti-snake venom bin enter di country for August come finish for September wey cause kata-kata for di hospitals as plenty people die because dem no see medicine treat dia snakebite.

Na harvest season make snake dey bite people anyhow for di country.

Dr. Nandul Durfa wey be di Managing Director of di EchiTAB Study Group (ESG) tell tori people say di kata-kata wey di scarcity of anti-snake medicine cause don end.

Durfa wey blame di scarcity of di medicine ontop di time wey dem waste request for am, don talk say 10,000 more of di medicine go soon enter di country to make sure say dis kain scarcity no happen again.

Im say dem don begin share di anti-snake venom give different snake treatment centres for Nigeria.

Dem don already share 700 bottles of di medicine give treatment centres for Gombe and Plateau states wey dey for north of Nigeria.

Durfa talk say di best solution to make sure say Nigeria no go ever get anti-snake venom scarcity na to begin dey produce di medicine inside di country.

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