Zimbabwe: Reactions after army threaten to take over

Constantino Chiwenga with other security oga for Monday press briefing Image copyright AFP
Image example Di army oga address tori people together with other security oga dem.

Di mood for Zimbabwe dey mixed after army draw ear give President Robert Mugabe make im stop di sack sack of people wey fight for independence for inside di ruling ZANU-PF party.

On Monday, Army chief general Constantino Chiwenga draw ear give Mugabe to stop after im sack Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Dis na di latest sack wey according to tori na to pave way for Grace Mugabe to succeed.

Chiwenga talk say if things no change, army go fit step in. ''Di thing wey dey happen now for inside di ZANU-PF party by people wey no get di freedom history of di party no surprise us…''

''We get to remind di people wey dey behind am say wen e reach to protect our revolution, di military no go hesitate to step in.''

Di army oga talk dis one for tori meeting for Harare. Chiwenga, Mnangagwa and Mugabe all gather for di fight for independence from Britain.

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Image example Di army oga and Mugabe don come long way as dem gather fight for independence of Zimbabwe

But since im talk dis one people don dey react.

Di main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) say dem must defend democracy. "Nobody wan see coup - no be say I dey talk say coup dey come, if di army take over dat one no pure at all..''

Na wetin one of di party officials, Gift Chimanikire tell AFP tori people.

ZANU-PF Youth bodi wey dey support Grace Mugabe well well, talk say dem no go allow Chiwenga pick leader for Zimbabwe. ''We go guard di revolution …like wetin di people of Turkey do last year, as dem spoil di plan of di rogue security people.''

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Image example For August 2016, Zimbabwe opposition supporters protest say make dem do electoral reforms

Time for change?

President Robert Mugabe don dey power since 1980 wen di country gain independence. First as Prime Minister from 1980-1987, before im begin rule as president since 1987.

Dis no be di first time military mata go come up for politics for di country. For 2015, di president open mouth talk say security officials dey involve demselves for di country politics.

Early dis year, im attack di military say dem dey chook eye inside di country politics, draw ear give dem make dem comot hand from who go rule di country mata.

Dis declaration by di army oga don carry di mata go another level. E no dey clear yet how di mata go end, as di drama continue ahead of di election wey go take place for 2018.

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