Zimbabwe: Army don hold Robert Mugabe for 'house arrest'

Military spokesman speaking on ZBC, 15 November 2017
Image example Major General SB Moyo na im read out di statement for national TV early on Wednesday

Zimbabwe military don put President Robert Mugabe for house arrest for di capital Harare, na so South African President Jacob Zuma talk.

Mugabe tell Zuma when dem talk for phone say im dey fine, na wetin di South African President office talk.

Soldiers dey patrol for di capital, Harare, after dem seize di state TV.

One senior officer for Zimbabwe military don take mouth read statement on top di country national broadcaster wey be ZBC; dem say dem don take action to "target criminals."

Major General SB Moyo, Chief of Staff Logistics, still branch say dis one no be "military takeover of government".

But one former adviser to Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai don tell BBC say im no believe di military as dem dey say dem no do coup.

"Dem don decide not to call am coup because dem know say coup no dey sell am people go condemn am," na wetin Alex Magaisa said.

"But as far as authority dey concerned, e dey very clear say President Mugabe na just president for name and real power dey di hand of di military."

Na heavy shoot-shoot and artillery na im people hear for di northern side of di capital, Harare, early on Wednesday.

Zimbabwe dia envoy to South Africa, Isaac Moyo, don raise shoulder say nothing dey like coup; im say di government dey "intact," wey be say government no dey go anywhere.

Dis statement from military comot hours after soldiers take over di headquarters of ZBC. One man wey wear military uniform say di army wan deal with people who "dey commit crimes wey dey bring social and economic suffering for di country."

"As soon as we don do dis our mission, we expect say di situation go return to normal."

Di statement say 93-year-old President Mugabe and im family dey safe and dia security dey guaranteed.

E never clear who dey lead dis military action.

Image copyright Reuters
Image example Armoured vehicles like dis military tanks bin don dey arrange for roads dem outside Harare on Tuesday

Di UK foreign office don advise British citizens dem wey "currently dey Harare to remain safely for house or wherever dem dey until di situation dey clearer."

Meanwhile, di US embassy for Harare tweeted say dem no go open office on Wednesday "because of wetin dey happen wey no dey sure."

Dem also draw ear for US citizens wey dey Zimbabwe to find place to stay until further notice.

All dis one dey happen just after Zimbabwe ruling party accuse di country army chief of "treasonable conduct" because e warn say military fit put hand inside di matter.

General Constantino Chiwenga don dey challenge President Mugabe after e sack di vice-president.

Gen Chiwenga bin say di army dey prepared to act to end the way people dey comot for inside Mr Mugabe's Zanu-PF party.

Tensions begin rise more-more on Tuesday when armoured vehicles begin arrange demself for roads outside Harare, even though nobodi know wetin dey happen.

Tori be say some workers for ZBC chop beating when soldiers take over dia offices for Harare late on Tuesday evening, na some people tell Reuters dis one.

Dem tell di workrs "make una no worry", one person add, say di soldiers only dey there to protect di site.

BBC tori person Shingai Nyoka, wey dey Harare, said dis sounds of heavy shoot-shoot and artillery wey de hear for northern area na where some government officials, including di president, dey live.

Shoot-shoot na im dem hear near Mr Mugabe residence for Borrowdale early on Wednesday, na wetin person wey take eye see am tell AFP news agency.

Image copyright AFP
Image example Zimbabwe Army General Constantino Chiwenga don draw ear say military takeover fit happen

Mr Mugabe bin sack Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa last week, because of quarrel on top who go enter next as President.

Mr Mnangagwa bin don dey for many people mind as di next president, but First Lady Grace Mugabe don enter as person wey get plenty chance to siddon office after her husband comot.

Di rivalry between Mrs Mugabe and Mr Mnangagwa don scatter di Zanu-PF party.

Last month, Mrs Mugabe warn say coup fit happen; she say paddy-paddy people wey dey support Mr Mnangagwa dey threaten di lives of those wey no dey support am.

Di Zanu-PF party say di word wey Gen Chiwenga talk "fit disturb national peace... [and] incite insurrection."

Di party say dem no go bow to military threats, and dem "believe say politics dey always better over di gun."

Di leader of Zanu-PF dia youth wing, Kudzai Chipanga, say di general no get di full support of di entire military.

"Na our country and future dey important, and we no go let one military man interfere with di leader of di party president of dis country wey people vote for," im tell tori people on Tuesday.

Di youth wing na strong supporter of Mrs Grace Mugabe.

Image copyright AFP
Image example Grace Mugabe dey plenty people eye as person wey fit enter office as President after her husband comot.

Gen Chiwenga word say military fit put hand for wetin dey happen for Zimbabwe na on Monday, inside news conference for army headquarters where senior army officers surround am.

E say di "purging" inside Zanu-PF dey "clearly target party members dem wey get liberation background," wetin im mean be say di party dey target those wey bin put hand inside di country struggle for freedom from white minority rule.

Mr Mnangagwa na former soldier for di 1970s war wey end white minority rule. White minority rule na where white peopel wey no too plenty for country go dey treat others with harsh hand.

"We must remind those wey dey behind wetin dey happen now say when e reach matter wey go protect our revolution, di military no go waste time to step in," na how Chiwenga end im talk.

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