Somalia: UN don extend arms embargo

UN security council dey vote on top Somalia Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Sebastiano Cardi, Italy ambassador to UN dey cast in vote for the UN Security Council

United Nations dia Security Council (UNSC) don say dem no go comot di arms embargo wey dem put on top Somalia. In fact, na for statement dem say dem go extend am till 15 November 2018.

Na on 14 November na im UNSC say 11 countries vote YES to support dis move, while four other countries no gree press hand to vote for di matter - dis ones do abstentions.

As e be so, di council don ask dia Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group (SEMG) to continue investigation wey concern di export of chemicals wey people fit use to make explosive devices like bombs, to Somalia.

Di countries wey no put mouth for di vote na Bolivia, China, Egypt and Russia.

Sebastiano Cardi, wey be Italy ambassador to di UN put mouth for di matter for Twitter, give advice.

Im say: "Sanctions na instrument, no be di end. Somalia suppose seize di opportunity wey dis resolutions dey offer."

Na still inside dia statement na im di council extend di SEMG work make e reach until 15 December 2018.

Dem add say e good as di Group never find any evidence say "Eritrea dey support (terrorist group) Al-Shabaab inside Somalia."

Di Council still say dem dey hope for "Eritrea dem government to allow di SEMG enter inside di country, to do their work well-well."

"We dey ask Eritrea and Djibouti to look for all di solutions to settle dia border quarrel peacefully."

Di two countries dey inside wetin be di Horn of Africa region, where fight-fight from terrorism don dey happen more and more.

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