Africa leaders wan make UN change

UN security Forum, Senegal Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Di forum hold for four days inside Dakar, di capital of Senegal

African leaders say dem need di United Nations (UN) to change how dem dey handle dia peacekeeping missions for di continent.

Na di Presidents of Mali, Senegal and Rwanda join-bodi with military officials and sabi people dis week for di Dakar International Forum on Peace and Security, wey dey hold every year.

AFP say all dis one dey clear from all di Presidents dia speeches and debates.

Tori be say di UN sef dey reason di way dem dey send people go different countries, as terrorism dey happen now across borders.

Dis na because eight of di UN dia 15 peacekeeping missions dey inside Africa, and some of dem get plenty problem, including say equipment fit no dey sometimes, and sometimes, wetin dey happen for countries where dem send people to no be wetin di countries need, while na human rights abuses some troops from UN dey commit against civilians.

UN get hand inside some of the biggest fight-fight, from Congo, Mali, and even South Sudan, where civil war don create more than one million refugees.

"We no fit maintain peace where peace no dey; in those areas we must bring peace back again," na wetin Senegalese President Macky Sall, talk.

Senegal suppose send 1,500 police and troops to help dia neighbour Mali at di end of di year.

Mali don suffer from terrorism and fight-fight inside dia north and central areas dem, even though UN peacekeeping mission don dey there for four years, and France sef too get strong hand there.

AFP say di UN Mali mission na di most dangerous for world, as more than 140 peacekeepers don die since dem start am.

"We no need peacekeeping mission, na peace imposition mission," na im Marcel Alain de Souza, President of di Economic Commission of West African States.

Even UN demself agree small.

"Some UN peacekeeping missions don dey successful, like inside Ivory Coast and Liberia, but others get problems," na wetin AFP say Jean-Pierre Lacroix, di UN peacekeeping oga talk.

But UN dia Mali mission chief, wey be Mahamat Saleh Annadif say everybodi for world must find solution, because "terrorism dey stop us from doing our job."

Tori be say more palava fit come, because di US don dey gather other countries to cut up to $600-million from di UN peacekeeping budget dis year.

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