Robert Mugabe five quotes

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Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, don do 37 years as di leader of di southern African country.

For inside all dis years, di man dey very popular because of some of im quotes and di kind words wey im dey use.

Dis na five of im quotes wey im talk for different years inside different occasions.

Five Mugabe quotes

"I wan tell United States President, Mr Trump, abeg blow your trumpet. Blow your trumpet as di music go take promote values like unity, peace, cooperation, togetherness, dialogue, dat na who we be." UNGA, 2017

"Anoint person wey go take over, na inheritance? For democratic party, you no wan make dem dey appoint leaders like dat. Proper thing na for di people to appoint dem." - TV interview, 2016

"I don conclude - as President Obama don approve make people of di same sex marry, dey campaign for men wey prefer to befriend men, and im dey enjoy as di mata make am popular - if e necessary, me sef go waka go Washington DC, kneel down, then propose to am." ZDC radio interview, 2015.

"Our economy dey hundred times better pass most Africa economy dem. Apart from South Africa, which country reach Zimbabwe?... wetin we no get na things wey we go put for shelf - finish." - Interview, 2007

"We still dey exchange blows with British government. Dem dey use gay area boys. Every time I show for London, di area boy government of Blair "no dey happy." - For here im dey talk about how human right campaigner Peter Tatchell try use area people arrest Mugabe as im visit London for October, 1999

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