Robert Mugabe: Hero or man wey scatter Zimbabwe?

Robert Mugabe,(l) Deputy Of di African National Congress (Anc) Georges Silundika And di Leader Of The Zapu Party (Zimbabwe African People Union) Joshua Nkomo At A Meeting In Dar Es Salaam, Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Robert Mugabe (L), for 1960, im bin dey seriously carry wetin concern Africa for head

Di best way to understand how Robert Mugabe make im name, na to know wetin im do during guerrilla war for 1970s.

Dat time people see am as revolution hero because im fight di few white people wey take over dey rule im people. Dat na why e dey hard African leaders to criticise am.

Since Zimbabwe independence, plenty things for world don change but Mr Mugabe still remain where im dey.

Im party Zanu-PF still dey fight di evil twins of capitalism and colonialism.

Im dey blame western countries for all of Zimbabwe problems. Im say UK dey lead others to remove am from office because im seize white people farm.

How Robert Mugabe tori don waka

  • 1924: Dem born am.
  • 1964: Rhodesia government put am for prison.
  • 1980: E win post-independence election.
  • 1996: Im marry Grace Marufu.
  • 2000: E lose referendum, Mugabe supporters enter white people farm, then attack supporters of opposition.
  • 2008: Inside first round of election, im carry second and Tsvangirai come first.
  • 2009: Inside serious economic collapse im make Tsvangirai prime minister.
  • 2016: Dem introduce Bond notes as cash come scarce.
  • 2017: Sack im long time supporter Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa.
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Image example President Mugabe don give im support to im wife Grace for di vice-presidency

Mugabe and Grace

Im second wife Grace dey 40 years younger than am, one time she say im dey wake up 4 am to do exercise every morning.

Mr Mugabe dey 73 years when she born dia number three pickin, Chatunga.

Im be strong Catholic, but dat one no prevent am from di two pickin wey im with Grace wey be im secretary dat time get, when im popular Ghana first wife, Sally, dey die of cancer.

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E don tey, no be today, Mr Mugabe na very proud man.

Im dey always talk say e go only step down when di revolution don finish, meaning to distribute white people farm and to anoint who wan take over from am, and dat person must come from ZANU-PF party.

Once in a while people dey predict say one day ZANU-PF or Zimbabwe people go turn against am, but for many-many years all of dem remain loyal.

Didymus Mutasa, wey be Mugabe personal person before-before, tell BBC one time say, for Zimbabwe culture, dem no dey replace king until dem die, "and Mugabe na our king."

But e bi like say some of im friends and supporters no ready for any kingdom.

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Image example Wife Grace say Mr Mugabe dey wake up 4am for im exercise

Di end?

As Zimbabwe economy dey spoil dey go for dis past years, no kind yeye predictions wey dem never do about im death and how im political career go take finish, but all di talk remain only talk so tey people wey bin dey criticise am tire - until now.

But, e bi like say as im come dey support im wife to take over from am, im go too far, dis one make am lose di support of leaders for military wey been done help keep am for power reach now.

Now, im dey 93 years, and for di past one year im no well, still, im wan officially go do re-election next year.

Before 2008 election, im bin say, "if you lose election and di people no want you again, dat na time to leave politics."

But after Morgan Tsvangirai win am, Mr Mugabe show im self so tey e swear say na "only God" fit remove am from office.

With plenty fight-fight and scatter-scatter, im remain for power. Mr Mugabe don dey power since 1980, dis na 37 years.

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