Zimbabwe: Serious talk-talk dey go on about Mugabe future

Soldiers stand beside military vehicles just outside Harare, Zimbabwe, 14 November 2017 Image copyright Reuters
Image example Armoured vehicles like dis military tanks bin don dey arrange for roads dem outside Harare since Tuesday

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe dey do serious talk-talk with people wey come from South Africa about im future.

Southern African Development Community (Sadc) send some people wey go try do deal on di future of Zimbabwe and Mugabe.

Mugabe, 93, dey under house arrest since Wednesday after army move to take control.

Those wey know wetin dey happen, say Mugabe dey do strong head to step down, as im say im still remain di number one president.

Zimbabwe people surprise well-well say President Robert Mugabe fit "comot through in own hand."

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Image example President Mugabe don rule di southern African country for almost forty years - na for 1980 e enter power

Na Opposition politician Tendai Biti, wey be di finance minister for Zimbabwe unity government from 2009-2013 talk dis one.

Im tell BBC Newsday programme say di country need power to change hand smoothly, so dat Zimbabwe go fit "go back to democracy."

As all di sone dey happen, tori be say Catholic Priest Fidelis Mukonori na im dey try settle matter between President Robert Mugabe and di military.

Local website Bulawayo2 say Mukonori dey "assisted by Martin Rushwaya wey be di Permanent Secretary for Defence and Mugabe talk-talk person wey bi George Charamba."

Local media na im dey report say tension full ground, as di army still put President Robert Mugabe and im family under house arrest.

South Africa president Jacob Zuma don say Mugabe tell am with phone say im no fit comot house, but di military dey keep im and im family safe.

Meanwhile, tori be say e be like di main reason why di soldiers shook mouth enter di matter na because dem no want make Grace Mugabe, di First Lady, enter office after her husband comot.

Even though nobodi sure whether di way military collect power go end Mugabe government, some people don dey talk dia mind.

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Image example Army say wetin happen no be coup

Africa Union president Alpha Conde say di whole thing "be like coup," inside interview with AFP.

Na for statement wey Conde write na im e say di Union want make everybodi obey di law inside constitution, and respect life and freedom of peopel for Zimbabwe.

United Nations sef talk dia own.

Di British Ambassador to di UN wey be Matthew Rycroft say plan no dey for the UN security Council to discuss wetin dey happen for Zimbabwe, but dis one fit change.

E say: "Everything dey happen quick-quick, and I no wan talk too fast, but we dey ask everybodi to respect di need for safety, make things no enter fight-fight."

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