Isabel Dos Santos don waka from Angola dia oil company

A file photo dated 27 August 2012 shows Isabel dos Santos posing and making the V sign in Lobito, Angola, 29 January 2013. Image copyright EPA
Image example Isabel dos Santos dey very popular for Angola; some people say she get her money because she be former President pickin

Di president of Angola, Joao Lourenco, don pursue di daughter of di former president, from where she siddon as big oga-Madam head of di country oil company wey be Sonangol.

Im sack Isabel Dos Santos, di billionaire daughter of former President José Eduardo dos Santos - she be di richest woman for Africa.

Mr Dos Santos na di second longest-serving leader for Africa, wey don tanda for office for 37 years, until e step down for September.

President Lourenco, wey some people give di guyname JLo, don promise to fight corruption.

Tori people say im wan reduce di power wey di Dos Santos family dem get.

Eye don full Angola bodi, after plenty things come out for di Paradise Papers leak; one na say tens of millions of dollars na im di country pay one businessman wey dey work with Isabel brother, Jose Filomeno.

Angola na Africa second-biggest oil producer but dia economy don suffer as oil prices dey fall.

Isabel Dos Santos bin don say nothing wrong with di work dem give her to head Sonagol for 2016, and later she tell BBC say people dey harsh for her:

"Di main reason dem give me dis work na because I come from business sector and I don dey build businesses dem since," na wetin she tell BBC Focus on Africa Radio.

Meanwhile, na early dis month, na im she become di only African woman wey dem name for di Forbes' list of di World 100 Most Poerful Women.